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We endeavour to be a market leader of high-quality advertising services!

Team spirit

Perceptive and dynamic team of specialists that are committed to maximal personal achievements as well as the prosperity and success of business of the customer is ready for challenges at any time!


The stability of the company‘s operation is guaranteed by optimally meeting the needs of all the people related to the company‘s activity and creating the conditions for long-term partnership that meets such needs.


Mutual respect, trust and diligent honouring our commitments towards our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners – this creates the respectable reputation of our company.


We constantly search for perspective innovations and offer them to our customers; therefore, we improve the competences of our employees and support the initiatives thereof.

Our mission

Optimal advertising solutions with 100 % quality assurance.
To this end, in order to achieve mutually beneficial and long-term collaboration with our customers and business partners, we:
• discover the solutions that meet the demands of the most particular customers;
• efficiently solve the occurring problems;
• we remain honest and competitive while implementing ambitious goals;
• encourage the loyalty of our employees by the means of equitable remuneration for their work.

Our vision

A professional and reliable advertising agency, which displays a stable growth, constantly widens its assortment and meets the needs of the customers in Lithuania in the best possible way.

What are we capable of?

• Main fields of operation: production of outdoor advertising, wrap advertising on vehicles (own production) as well as the provision of souvenirs and business gifts.
• Our largest projects and customers: one of the tallest advertising structures in Lithuania – the pylon of the mall “Banginis” (20 m); mounted in different cities signboards of the mall “Senukai”, “Camelia” pharmacies, “Ūkio bankas”, “Express pica”, “Admiral” gambling parlours, visual advertising of “Abromika” gas stations, etc. The employees of Kaunas city municipality administration, concern “SBA”, “Volfas Engelman”, and “Estrella Baltic” also had a great deal of delight in our work.

What is our goal?

• Being a reliable provider of advertising services. Building our operation on trust, quality and commitment.
• Guaranteeing each dedicated employee of the company an opportunity to grow and improve.
• Providing our customers with an optimal ratio of affordable price and high-quality performance.
• Seeking profit by developing a socially responsible business and fulfilling our obligations towards the society by supporting the social projects.


Highly qualified, motivated and innovative employees that set the highest standards for the quality of their work.