Project coordination at municipalities

As of the 1 August 2013, the new revision of the Law on Advertising came into force, which provides for a tighter liability with regards to the signboards mounted without the permit from the municipalities and other competent authorities. Link to the revised law:

It is absolutely necessary to coordinate any advertising signboards with the authorities prior to the mounting thereof.

In order to obtain the permit to mount the outdoor advertising, the customer must provide our company with the following documents:
• Company registration certificate
• Certificate concerning the Buildings entered into the Register of Real Estate (The List of Owners of the Building at the Address Indicated). You may order such certificate at:
(In the field of Remarks the following must be noted: “The List of Owners of the Building at the Address Indicated)”)
• Logo registration certificate
• Power of Attorney issued to our company for the purposes of coordination of the outdoor advertising project with the city municipality
• The approval of the owner of the premises and a copy of the Lease Agreement, in case the premises are leased (the amounts may be hidden).
• The consent of 51% of the co-owners of the building or the consent of the chairperson of the community.

Upon the request of the customer, we may take care of collecting the signatures of the co owners of the building. Please certify the copies of the required documents and the company registration certificate. svetainėje naudojami slapukai, kurie padeda užtikrinti geresnę teikiamų paslaugų kokybę. Naršydami mūsų svetainėje Jūs patvirtinate, jog sutinkate su slapukų politika.